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    Dr Tom Curry Discusses his new book "The Man-Not"

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    Woo Wee!!! This brotha had a lot to say! His book is gonna be the bomb.

    I am not a brotha, so maybe I don't have the right to comment. LOL But, from a woman's point of view I have a few thoughts to share.

    1. Brothas need to KNOW we are not on the feminist bandwagon. We left that trope en masse. We know that they do not represent our interests as AA women, or AA people. And, they are detrimental to our well-being So much of what he said, he was speaking to the choir, imo. Of course there are SOME exceptions. But, I'll tell you, I have never met an AA feminist in my whole life.

    There is a very small movement of AA women called "The Womanist Movement". Though I have read about them, I have never met one. They consist of women like Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, etc. Their purpose was to leave the feminist movement, to meet the needs of the AA women and people, whatever that means, that the feminist movement did not.

    2. I totally get what he is saying and I feel that he is 100% correct. I hate when women or gays try to say that they feel what we feel (AA people) because they have the same experience as we do. Their experience is NOTHING like ours. Gay people can walk in an interview and "turn the gay off" for the purpose of landing a job. We cannot turn the AA off. LOL They don't have our experience.

    3. AA men have NEVER treated AA women as badly as WM treat WW, imo. I think that is one of the reasons why WW love AA men. And, imo, one of the reasons why AA men are not so chauvinistic is because AA women have ALWAYS worked, while WW fought to be able to work. So, AA men have always respected AA women in a way WW didn't get that kind of respect. From jump street we worked together as a unit. JMO

    4. Sexually, AA men might be seen by wypipo as more sexual because slaves in America were particularly chosen based on their physical sexual attributes.

    5. Yes, he is right, miscegenation is the WMs biggest nightmare and fear. And, that's behind the violence against the AA man.
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