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  1. Historical Piece On Racism
  2. Watch: Stop-and-Frisk Continues to Promote PTSD in Communities of Color
  3. New CDC Study: Black Males Die 10 Years Earlier on Account of Homicide
  4. Kendrick Lamar Muses on Black America’s Slavery to Vanity
  5. Black on Black Crime: Lee Daniels: I Saw So Many Black Women And Kids At AIDS Center I Thought I Was At The Welfare Office -
  6. Discussion: Juicy J Promises $50,000 Scholarship To Best Student Who Can Twerk
  7. Freedom Riders (A Documentary on NonViolent Civil Right Movement in the US)
  8. Colin Powell Calls Zimmerman Verdict ‘Questionable,’ Says Pres. Obama Needs to Be More Outspoken On Race
  9. Blacks’ Apathy & Complacency Killed “The Dream”
  10. The Media Spin & The Truth: Dave Chappelle Didn't Melt Down
  11. The Strange Suicide of Pvt. Lavena Johnson
  12. Racism or Paranoia?
  13. NAACP leader holds historic meeting with Ku Klux Klan Rep
  14. The Black Woman: A Portrait in America
  15. The Massive Racial Disparities In Arrests For Pot Possession
  16. Cornel West and the Fight to Save the Black Prophetic Tradition
  17. 7 Symptoms of a Poverty Mentality
  18. Does Jaden Smith Have A Point About Our Educational System In America?
  19. Who Says Racism Is Dead
  20. Slavery + Civil Rights Movies: Are You Getting Tired Of Them?
  21. African Americans in Florida....Stand Your Ground Doesn't Apply to You.
  22. Will America’s Fear of Black Men Ever Go Away?
  23. So Is This Going To Be The New Trend: Banning African American Literature
  24. Magic Johnson Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is: Creates Academy For African American Youth In Chicago
  25. When One Abstains From Sex is the Title 'Role Model' Deserving?
  26. Farrakhan Calls for Black Leaders to Meet: Will Al Sharpton and Ben Jealous Respond?
  27. Chicago Leaders and NBA Stars Use Basketball to Rally Against Gang Violence
  28. Should We Stop Talking About Chicago?
  29. Michael Moses Ward Dead: The Only Child Survivor Of The 1985 MOVE Bombing Has Died
  30. School Board Reverses Ban on Ellison's 'Invisible Man'
  31. There's What The Media Feeds Us ....Then There's The Truth......
  32. Jogging While Black
  33. Hip Hop Culture’s commodification of Black female sexuality
  34. Report: 1 In 3 Black Males Will Go To Prison In Their Lifetime
  35. Sisters question police actions in deadly DC chase
  36. The Changing Face of America
  37. America's Foster Care System... Guinea Pigs for BIG Pharma and Cash Cows for caregivers..
  38. Profiting From The Poor... Outsourcing Social Services...
  39. Afrikans and Technology....
  40. Me, I Have To Live...
  41. African Man...Love You Long Time
  42. Cultural Mistrust: An Important Psychological Construct for Diagnosis and Treatment of African Americans
  43. Trending for Halloween 2013?
  44. Black Journalists, Respectability and Responsibility
  45. The Stupid Logic of Poor People
  46. Is Conspicuous Consumption Related to Black-White Wealth Gap?
  47. NAACP.. Reach Agreement On School To Prison Pipeline Florida..
  48. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: SCANDAL & SLAVE MOVIE Propaganda...
  49. Black Female Voices: Melissa Harris-Perry And bell hooks Discuss Black Womanhood, Politics And Media (VIDEO)
  50. Starts off funny, but actually...
  51. The Hidden Lesson in Incognito's N*gga Moment
  52. Renisha McBride and Evolution of Black-Female Stereotype
  53. Family of Malcolm X Sues to Prevent Publication of Diary
  54. Dr Umar Johnson The REAL Solutions for Black People
  55. The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Policy
  56. Jay Z’s Barneys Collection: Catering to the 1%
  57. "The 16 Year Old Killer" Cyntoia's Story
  58. Study Finds That Blacks With Strong Racial Identity Are Happier
  59. Black Teen Sues NYC After Spending 3 Years in Jail for Mysterious Robbery Without a Trial
  60. After 18 years in hell, Sundhe Moses finally freed when Brooklyn detective's case comes undone
  62. President Nelson Mandela Passes at 95
  63. Visual Arts: TROPHY SCARVES???
  64. The Color of The Race Problem Is White
  65. Just In Time For The Memorial Service...
  66. Mandela and the Question of Violence
  67. Please Excuse Davontaye, He Suffers From Povertenza
  68. Harlem, Race & Gentrification
  69. Is Don Lemon The New Clarence Thomas?
  70. 'Fruitvale Station' Star Michael B. Jordan: 'Black Males, We Are America's Pit Bull' (VIDEO)
  71. The Faces of The Forgotton ~ 64,000 Black Women Missing Across America as The Country Turns A Blind Eye
  72. You're My Sister
  73. Have you ever paid a visit to a therapist?
  74. Joe Hundley 8 Months
  75. Keeping it Real: Noam Chomsky Says War on Drugs is Nothing but a Race War
  76. Omaha Police Association Labels Video Of Black Toddler Cursing ‘The Thug Cycle’
  77. Unvetted Headlines, White Lies And The Denigration Of Black Identity
  78. The N Word (The Documentary) (Ice Cube, Chris Rock, Marsalis, Nia Long, Sam Jackson, Paul Mooney and more.
  79. Black Students At University Of Michigan Threaten ‘Physical Action’ If Demands Aren’t Met
  80. Young and in Prison with no Chance of Parole
  81. Un-f**kin'-believable... or not.
  82. Want Me a Thug: Michelle Rowling's Last Facebook Post
  83. Black Women
  84. Murder Rate for Black Americans Is Four Times the National Average
  85. Black Or Latina? The Problem With Afro-Latinas Being Asked To Only Identify As One Thing In Hollywood -
  86. Her Manifesto: Kiese Laymon on Trayvon, Black Manhood and Love
  87. F*ck George Zimmerman and the Culture He Rode In On
  88. The Tyrone Hayes Story
  89. ‘Beauty Is’: Documentary About Beauty From A Pan-African POV
  90. Louis Farrakhan: African Americans deserve own courts after failings of U.S. justice system
  91. 10 Disturbing Facts African-Americans Should Know About Eugenics
  92. African American Greats ~ 5 Powerful Speeches to Change Your Consciousness
  93. Spike Lee ~ Anderson Cooper...Talk Gentrification
  94. Gay Rights & The Civil Rights Movement
  95. The Oscar Winner of The Screen Play For '12 Years A Slave'..In His Own Words: The Manifesto of Ascendancy for the Modern American N*****r
  96. Is Our Misunderstanding of Nature A Direct Reflection of The Misunderstandings of Ourselves?
  97. Former Black Panther Freed After Four Decades Behind Bars
  98. The Fetishization Of Lupita Nyong'o
  99. Dr. Umar Johnson - Psychologically, black women are becoming white men
  100. The Age of Whores & Strippers
  101. Detroit: The Latest Bankruptcy Lie
  102. More Than A War On Drugs
  103. Incarcerated Justice: Angela Davis & Nas Have a Sit Down Discussion~ Moderated By Dr James Peterson
  104. Black Pathology and the Closing of the Progressive Mind
  105. Shanesha Taylor And The Peculiar Prosecution Of Black Women In This Country
  106. Afraid of Dark: Documentary Examines Why America Dislikes Black Men
  107. 25 years a slave
  108. 7 Lies We Need to Stop Telling About Young African-American Men
  109. Michael Eric Dyson blasts Cornel West: ‘You ain’t that important’
  110. How Black Unemployment is Often Driven By White America's Favors For Friends
  111. Common & Kanye West Want To Create 15,000 Jobs For Chicago Youth Over The Next 5 Years
  113. what if this was your child?
  114. Should We Focus On Our Own ~ 64K Black Women And Children Are Missing In the USA, Where’s the Outcry?
  115. Hidden Colors 3: The Rules Of Racism (Trailer)
  116. Colorlines Launches 'Life Cycles Of Inequity' Series About The Black Male Experience
  117. Afeni Shakur To Give Keynote Speech At Trayvon Martin Foundation Retreat
  118. American Rushes to Sudan to Save Pregnant Wife From Hanging
  119. "Hood Disease" Is Everything Wrong With How We Talk About Inner City Youth
  120. Should Men/Women Who Commit Violent Crimes as Juveniles Be Given Another Chance After Spending Extensive Time Behind Bars?
  121. The Mirror: Uncomfortable race-related questions we (African-Americans) need to ask ourselves
  122. Questions: Black in America
  123. Dr. Umar Johnson Works to Raise $5M For an All Boys Academy For Black Boys
  124. Eviction Rates for Black Women on Par With Incarcerations for Black Men
  125. Dr Francis Cress Welsing - Drug War & Black relationships
  126. The Disingeneous Prowess of Women
  127. Serious Epidemic: Dear Parents of Color,
  128. On Maya Peterson, White Supremacy And Black Resistance
  129. Should We Expect Black Men To Defend Black Women When Attacked Online?
  130. The Fight for Fairness: "My son has been suspended five times. He’s 3."
  131. No comment, just wanted to share. Zimmerman
  132. Eric Garner: Tall, Dark, and Threatening
  133. 15 To Life: Kenneth's Story
  134. #IfTheyGunnedMeDown Shows How Black People Are Portrayed in Mainstream Media
  135. Renisha Was On Trial All Along
  136. Mental Slavery/Overcoming Our Past
  137. Rage Is the Right Response to What Happened in Ferguson
  138. As The Protests and Outrage Continue, State of Emergency, Curfew Declared in Ferguson
  139. Hedy Epstein, 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor, Arrested During Michael Brown Protest
  140. Outrage In Ferguson: National Guard enters Ferguson streets as protests turn tense
  141. Michael Brown shooting: Amnesty International sends team within US for first time as National Guard deployed
  142. No Black Coffee Servers
  143. 10 Ways You Can Help The People Of Ferguson, Missouri
  144. Do You Think A SERIOUS Black Out Could Have an Impact for a Cause
  145. Larry Elder: "Racism is NOT a major issue in this country"
  146. Orlando Jone's spin on the ALS bucket challenge ~ The Bullet Bucket Challenge
  147. Huey P. Newton Gun Club Pushes #BlackOpenCarry to Protest Police Violence
  148. All the news fit to print?
  149. A Father's Grief: The Michael Brown Funeral In Pictures
  150. BlackLaw Dictionary/Etymology....*MoorishLaw* -VIDEO-
  151. Open Your Eye
  152. Black Lawyers to Challenge Police Brutality in 25 Cities
  153. Why Women Stay: The Paradox of Abusive Relationships
  154. New Video Footage Shows Man Shouting That Michael Brown Had His ‘Hands In The Air!’
  155. Dear Brothas, When Are You All Going to Stand Up for Your Sistas?
  156. When Standing Up For A Cause, Costs You Your Job: Racial discrimination & resignation of Dr. Misee Harris – An Open Letter to media
  157. The Rage In Ferguson Continues: Ferguson mob swarms town meeting: If cop gets off, ‘ya’ll better bring every army y’all got. Cause it’s going down’
  158. Wendell Pierce ....Breaks....S**t...Down on Bill Maher
  159. Michael Brown Memorial in Ferguson Destroyed by Fire
  160. South Carolina Trooper terminated without haste
  161. Michael Dunn Found GUILTY of 1st degree murder of Jordan Davis in Retrial
  162. An Open Letter To Black America: Why You Should Want The Redskins Name Changed, Too
  163. Videos Of Deadly Police Encounters Grab The Media Spotlight, But Why?
  164. Deadly Force, In Black And White
  165. In Ferguson,The Protest Continue : A Weekend of Resistence ~ In Pictures
  166. Eric Holder's unfinnished business.
  167. <sigh!> ... The good ol' days ... when America used to embrace the darkskinned-Black male
  168. From Michael Brown to Assata Shakur, the racist state of America persists
  169. Talib Kweli Breaks the Set on Obama, the Prison Industrial Complex
  170. David Banner Flawlessly Explains the Psychological Warfare Black Men Face Every Day to Avoid Being Killed by Police
  171. The way it is... Part 1
  172. Say whaaaat???
  173. Leadership.
  174. Do you avoid chics who are not, Black? I used to. At least..........until........this one:
  175. The Apology...
  176. Giuliani & Dyson Argue Over Violence in Black Communities
  177. NFL Saint's Benjamin Watsons Facebook Post On Ferguson Goes Viral
  178. Activists call for police reform following Darren Wilson resignation
  179. Tim Wise Brilliantly Pens Editorial on Ferguson
  180. What I Did After Police Killed My Son
  181. The inspiring story behind the ‘New Age of Slavery’ painting capturing the movement
  182. Killer Cop Walks as Videotographer gets Indicted
  183. Harvard Medical School Students Support Ferguson and Eric Garner Protesters By Staging “Die-in”
  184. The Millions March New York ~ Tens Of Thousands March On NYPD Headquarters To Protest Police Killings
  185. Bill Dukes 'Dark Girls' Follow Up ~ Light Girls Documentary
  186. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The Police Aren’t Under Attack. Institutionalized Racism Is.
  187. Are You Ready For War?
  188. Ferguson Juror Sues Prosecutor, Says Evidence Was Manipulated to Implicate Michael Brown
  189. The Black Panthers Revisited ~ A Documentary
  190. Looking At The Murder of Martin Luther the Kang
  191. The 13-year-old boy who grew up in a Georgia prison: Michael Lewis, now 18 years into his sentence
  192. Kanye West, A Fashion Designer, and the N word
  193. Are Passport Stamps the New Paper Bag Test?
  194. Beyond ‘Black Lives Matter’
  195. A Black Mississippi Judge's Breathtaking Speech To 3 White Murderers
  196. Why so many Americans still deny racism exists when the evidence is everywhere
  197. City of Cleveland: 12-year-old Tamir Rice caused his own death by failing to ‘avoid injury’
  198. Cuban Official: Assata Shakur’s Extradition Is ‘Off the Table’
  199. Montel Williams fined under a loan company scandal
  200. The National Black Calendar
  201. Common Says Racism Can End If Blacks Extend “A Hand In Love” To White People
  202. Black & Missing Foundation
  203. A Boston Cop Shooting and Our Post-Truth Era
  204. Baltimore Erupts: Violent Riots Break Out After the Funeral of Freddie Gray Across West Baltimore
  205. 10,000 Strong Peacefully Protest In Downtown Baltimore, Media Only Reports The Violence & Arrest of Dozens
  206. "A Riot Is the Language of the Unheard"--Martin Luther King
  207. How State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby became the hero of Baltimore
  208. A Photo ~ Racism~ And if the Roles Were Reversed..One Stunning Photo Is Turning America's Racist History on Its Head
  209. Obama Has Put Up 500k in Tax $$$ for a Butt Fcuk Study of Black Males
  210. Whites moving into Detroit, blacks moving out as city shrinks overall
  211. Bare-Breasted Women Stop Traffic to Protest Police Killings of Black Women
  212. ‘The Condition of Black Life Is One of Mourning’
  213. Bree Newsome
  214. Why forgiveness from black victims isn’t noble when anger is justified
  215. A model of domestic terrorism on home soil.
  216. Chuck D, Public Enemy leader, defends Bill Cosby’s legacy: ‘Context is everything
  217. Study Shows Blacks Are The Most Hated And Discriminated People In America
  218. KKK and Black protestors collide outside South Carolina Statehouse
  219. Sandra Bland’s mother: ‘I’m ready. … This means war’
  220. Hiding Black Behind the Ears: On Dominicans, Blackness, and Haiti
  221. Black Students In The U.S. Get Criminalized While White Students Get Treatment
  222. Half a Century Later, Malcolm X's Words on Police Brutality Are Just as Relevant as Ever
  223. Thoughts??
  224. Former Black Panther Kathleen Cleaver on Assata Shakur and #BlackLivesMatter
  225. Petition To Save H. Rap Brown
  226. Sex and Slavery
  227. Native American Prisoners Of War
  228. Barack Obama Become the First Sitting President to Visit a Federal Prison
  229. Call My Momma: The Biggest Lesson from Spring Valley High
  230. What happened to the ‘hero mom’ of Baltimore’s riots?
  231. Twitter’s only black engineer in a leadership position just quit over diversity concerns
  232. The Incident You Have To See To Understand Why Students Wanted Mizzou's President To Go
  233. Prison Kids: A Crime Against America's Children
  234. No Way Out: The White House Looks at Link Between Incarceration and Poverty
  235. Central Park 5’s Korey Wise Donates $190,000 to University of Colo.’s Innocence Project
  237. People of Flint speak: 'Nobody should ... be living like this'
  238. Top 10 African Monarchs Whose Life Stories Need Documenting On Film
  239. Report: NYPD Uses Obscure Law to Kick People Out of Their Homes
  240. Black Girls in Durham, NC, School Denied Right to Honor African Heritage
  241. The Lie We Live
  242. Random media reality reflections #2
  243. Random media reflections #1
  244. Little Winters
  246. Africa Fashion
  247. The Betrayal by the Black Elite
  248. Lee McCullum, Starred in CNN's 'Chicagoland' , Shot Dead On South Side
  249. Emotional Vampires
  250. Michelle Obama Keeps It Real: 'I Wake Up In a House Built By Slaves'