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  1. Random Love Expressions, Quotes, Sayings,Thoughts
  2. Is Dating a Destination or an Evaluation?
  3. Is Good Conversation Really Hard To Find?
  4. When A Relationship Ends......
  5. He’s Doing Time. Should You Be Too?
  6. Do Men Wait On Women Or Do They Just Move On?
  7. Getting back to Healthy Black Relationships w/ Dr. Rayseon
  8. Kenyan trio in 'wife-sharing' deal
  9. Dating and Celibacy
  10. Lies We Tell Our Single Selves.....
  11. Ladies: Would You Push The Issue.
  12. 3 To Tango: Steps to Having a Successful Threesome
  13. I’m Warning You! (Man Takeover) *Reply to a Previous Topic
  14. Sexuality: using the serpent power wisely
  15. The Badu Love Chronicles: Badu's Voodoo: Erykah Badu & The Effect She Has On Rappers
  16. False Red Flags....
  17. NBA Coupledom: Gabby & Dwyane Jet From Venice + LaLa & Carmelo Go Fishing + LeBron & Savannah Cuddle Up On A Boat
  18. The Misrepresentation of a Real Man's Love
  19. Ladies....
  20. Relationship Contracts...
  21. What Makes Your Relationship Work
  22. Spinoff> why did your last relationship fail?
  23. Relationship Violence: The Secret That Kills 4 Women a Day
  24. Conflicting Principles.
  25. “I Love Black Women” Site : For Men of All Races Interested in Black Women
  26. Name One Personality Trait.....
  27. Is There A Difference: Learning Not to Expect Husband Priveleges From Boyfriends
  28. Love and Alcoholism
  29. Are Most People Too Emotionally Unfit To Be Dating?
  30. Twin Flames
  31. Malcolm X, Black Men Must Protect Black Women: 50 Years Later, Do Black Men Know How To Protect Black Women?
  32. 3 Reasons It Pays To Be In A Relationship
  33. Does Privacy Strengthen A Relationship?
  34. Does Our Culture Cultivate Desperate Women?
  35. Boris Kodjoe... keep it sexy or I'm out.
  36. Hiding the Side-CHILD
  37. Men be like.."Your woman don't let you do shit" NAW DUDE.....
  38. Feminism and Chivalry in The Black Community
  39. Frilationship: Are You In One?
  40. OPINION: The Main Reason Why We Don’t Meet Who We Want Faster
  41. Have You Ever Stayed In A Bad Relationship?
  42. 5 Mindsets That Hinder Black Women From Relationship Success
  43. Protect Your Emotional G-Spot
  44. What Every Woman Needs to Ask Herself Before Leaving Her Husband For a Lover
  45. ONLINE DATING: Don’t knock until you try it.
  46. When men are battered
  47. Will Smith: What Every Woman Needs To Know
  48. Make Love To Your Mind, Huh?
  49. Why Some Women Have Sex When They Don’t Want To
  50. Cheating Husband Forced to Confess on Facebook: Needs 10,000 Likes for Wife to Take Him Back
  51. Name Things Women Say That They Don't Mean
  52. Things MEN Say That They Don't Really Mean...
  53. The Disappearing Act: The Slow Fade Break Up
  54. Money Can’t Buy You Love, So Learn the Art of Relationships
  55. When You Break Up With Your Ex...Do You Break Up With Their Family Too?
  56. Most Memorable Parental Moment?
  57. Why Do We Do It?
  58. Study: Women Cheat Now More Than Ever
  60. 7 Things You Should Stop Expecting from Others
  61. New Trend: Would You Pay For Your Own Engagement Ring?
  62. Yours/Mine/Ours...Should You Automaitcally Inherit Your Mates Problems?
  63. The Worst Case of Insecurities You've Ever Seen
  64. Pay That Man, Dammit!
  65. Men Abstaining From Marriage: Are The Incentives to Marry in the Present Less Motivating Than They Were in The Past For Men?
  66. It Gets Worse
  67. Timbaland Wife Files for Divorce, What's Yours is Mine!
  68. Monogamy – A Failed Approach To A Happy Long-Term Relationship?
  69. Skype Me So I Know It’s Real: The Psychology Behind ‘Catfishing’
  70. 27%...
  71. Miami Court Rules In Favor Of DWade’s Ex Siovaughn And Says She’s NOT Mentally Unstable
  72. Black Man Reveals How He Fell In Love With His Best Friend
  73. Complex Childhoods Create Complex Relationships In Your Adulthood
  74. Things Women Do That Men Will Never Understand
  75. P.S.A. (public service announcement)
  76. Why Control Is The Enemy Of Love
  77. Why Do Black Men Have An Aversion To Marriage?
  78. Adultery: Is It Ever Justified?
  79. 7 Things Men Need To Stop Doing To Women
  80. When The Marriage Ends Should The Wife Have to Give His Name Back....
  81. 101 Inexpensive Dates That Aren’t Cheap
  82. Ever been Cheated On?
  83. The Most Controversial Thing I’ve Ever Heard A Black Woman Say About Black Men [And She Was RIGHT]
  84. Why Relationships Fail: 4 Tips to Make Love Last
  85. Why 90% Of Your Complaints About The Opposite Sex Are BS
  86. Signs You Suffer From Premature Infatuation
  87. Reasons to Cheat
  88. Why Men and Women Will Never See Eye to Eye on Engagement
  89. Unconditional love cannot exist (from a human perspective)
  90. How to Connect Emotionally With Your Man
  91. Get A Bruh From The Dirty South
  92. 3 Signs That She’s Not A Grown Woman
  93. Your Man Looses His Job...............
  94. You have a good significant other if....................
  95. Should people "shack-up" before marriage?
  96. Check Yourself: What Are You Really Bringing To The Table In Your Relationships?
  97. Does Abstinence Weed Out The Undesirables?
  98. Is Being Faithful Hard?
  99. Is arguing a natural part of every relationship?
  100. How You See It?
  101. Whart Makes Him/Her Doable or Dateable?
  102. Debunking the Un-Marriagable Single Black Woman: Research Shatters Myth About Blacks, Marriage
  103. The One Skill That Could Save Your Relationship
  104. Are Women Obligated To Have Sex?
  105. “We’d Be Divorced For Sure.” Cynthia and Peter Discuss How Lack Of Sex Almost Ended Their Marriage
  106. EPIC Video: A Man Problem…That Starts With Women
  107. After Broken Engagement, Woman Sues Cheating Ex For $50,000 For “Breach Of Promise To Marry” And Wins
  108. Dwayne Wade Proposes To Gabrielle Union ~ She Said Yes
  109. SPINOFF:The Men Who Walk Out When Their Wives Are Ill
  110. Do Men Always Have Other Women on Deck Just In Case?
  111. The 11 Differences Between Dating a Boy vs a Man
  112. The Idea of Soul Mates
  113. Mysognist Men
  114. Do 'Hoes' Stay Winning?
  115. 7 Cures For Common Relationship Problems
  116. Sexually Aggressive Women
  117. Have you ever been the other person?
  118. How many times have you been in love?
  119. Is It Easier For Pretty Women To Get Married?
  120. Should A Woman’s Past Ever Have An Expiration Date?
  121. Is There Depth to This or Not? Thoughts.....
  122. What Made You Think You Could Change Them?
  123. Establishing Mature Relationships Means Cutting Ties With Old Flames
  124. Is it true?
  125. Why You Should Have More Fun Dating In Your 40's
  126. Are Women The Motivating Factor Behind Everything That Men Do?
  127. Fight or Flight: The Break Up Reflex
  128. Unflattering Kin Folk
  129. The Private Relationship vs. The “Secret” Relationship: There’s A Difference
  130. Do You Get Along With Your Ex?
  131. Do men expect to much from us?
  132. Do Looks Matter In a Relationship?
  133. Do Women Expect Too Much From Men?
  134. 3 Signs That She’s Not A Grown Woman
  135. Is Love More Important Than Money?
  136. 10 Signs Of An Affair
  137. Are You In A Sexless Relationship? You’re Not Alone…
  138. Men, What are some of the lies that women tell you or have told you when you meet?
  139. Women, What are some of the lies that men tell you or have told you when you meet?
  140. What's The Kelley Blue Book On The P*ssy?
  142. Faking Orgasms
  143. The Love Of A Strong Black Man
  144. From Day One
  145. There’s A BIG Difference Between Desperation & Delusion
  146. Men Want Women That Enjoy Being Feminine
  147. Do We Really Marry The Ones We Love?
  148. 4 Lessons in Tough Love
  149. 17 Mistakes Single People Make When Looking For A Relationship
  150. How Men Fall in Love – The Seven Stages of Love
  151. When Women Go Into the “Friendzone”
  152. Put A Ring On It.... SUCKA!
  153. Were Your Parents Good Relationship Role Models?
  154. He Came Back After 2 Years & Wanted To Start Over
  155. Why Men Hate Dates: The Dishonest Woman
  156. What Says You?
  157. Should You Put Your Husband Before Your Child? I Do
  158. "A Man Is Only as Faithful As His Options". A Retropspect on Why Men Cheat.
  159. Why I'll always put my children before my husband... even though it's already destroyed one relationship
  160. The Only Marriage Advice Single Black Women Need
  161. Is a Title Necessary for a Healthy Relationship?
  162. Muhammad Speaks
  163. Shallow Deal Breakers?
  164. Fa' real....
  165. He cheated, it was my fault
  166. Complete The Sentence......
  167. Vulnerable: The Double Standard of Vulnerability In Men And Women
  168. Where Is Your Orgasm?
  169. “An African City” New Webseries Explores Love & Life For Modern African Women
  170. Dreams Deferred.....
  171. His Point of View ~ Do Women NOT Understand How Men View Sex While In A Relationship?
  172. 10 Things Heartbreak Teaches You That Nothing Else Will
  173. 50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men
  174. A Question For The Ladies: To Love A Man's Son ....Do You Need to Love His Mother.....
  175. Men Still Paying For Dates ... And Women Are Partly Responsible
  176. Is Monogamy On Its Way Out? 15 Celebrities In Open Relationships
  177. Have Blurred Gender Roles Pushed Men Away From Commitment?
  178. 3 Dangerous Relationship Myths
  179. Some Ugly Truths About Modern Dating
  180. Why Steve Harvey Needs to Have a Seat and Stop Giving Relationship Advice to Women
  181. Hot Topic ~ Is It Ever A Good Idea To Change Your Numbers When You Get Into a New Relationship?
  182. Who do you believe?
  183. Burning Question ~ Do you think it's harder for people to get into relationships the older they get?
  184. Finding Love Online Is Now The Norm
  185. Why Chivalry Is Dead, From A Man’s Perspective
  186. The Biggest Turn Ons in a Person
  187. Burning Question ~ Could you commit to/marry a person that had a VISIBLE disibility?
  188. A Shortage of Eligible Black Men
  189. 6 Signs You're Dating An Alpha Female
  190. In a relationship Love is more important than Money. True or False
  191. 7 Reasons Most People Are Afraid of Love
  192. Dating popular men/women or intelligent men/women?
  193. Iyanla Vanzant On The Bedroom Mistake That Adds Distance To A Relationship (VIDEO)
  194. This is not aout me.Intimacy Intervention: ‘I Can’t Stop Sexting My Ex-Hubby! Am I Cheating?’
  195. Faking Orgasms: The Signs
  196. Go Head... Jump The Broom!
  197. Bad Break Ups
  198. Can you describe your love life with a song or a movie?
  199. Do you believe you could fall in love with an exotic dancer?
  200. Can You Stay Friends With Your Ex? Why?
  201. How do you feell about sex on the first date?
  202. What's Worse, bad sex, or no sex?
  203. Is Being Faithful Hard?
  204. Is arguing a natural part of every relationship?
  205. Is your significant other entitled to your social media passwords in a committed relationship?
  206. The Alpha Female & Beta Female
  207. Alpha Male vs. Beta Male Traits - Know the Difference
  208. 12 Red Flags That Could Spell Doom For Your Relationship
  209. Burning Question ~ What is the hardest part about dating you?
  210. The Practice Wife
  211. How to Say I’m Not Interested
  212. Ms ’300 Sandwiches’ Gets Engaged at 256 Sandwiches
  213. The Psychology Of Loves That Last A Lifetime
  214. The 10 Elements of a Soulmate
  215. Finding Soul Mates
  216. Imaginary Monogamy
  217. Top Ten from ‘ 33 Men Reveal The One Thing They’d Like All Women To Stop Doing Immediately’
  218. The Mystique Behind The Connection Of Sexuality & Spirituality
  219. Burning Question ~ What is The Best Advice The Opposite Sex Ever Gave You?
  220. Ladies Would You Be Okay With This Engagement Ring?
  221. Four Myths About Black Marriages
  222. What do you know about sex? Trivia Game
  223. Balancing The Energy Behind Fiery, Passionate Relationships ~ How To Deal
  224. Perfect vs. Real: Enjoying Your Partner’s Imperfections
  225. Why Do Men Pull Away?
  226. Deep Love: Soul Essence Relationships
  227. Christian Women and the Search For Boaz, David or Joseph
  228. The Badu Box
  229. Burning Question ~ Do You Stay or Do You Go?
  230. FIRST | Episode 1 - "The First Date"
  231. OPEN ~ Being Emotionally Available
  232. Your First Sex Partner....
  233. SPINOFF: Which one of your exes was your first/best satisfying sexual experience?
  234. If your insignificant other asked you to delete every one on your Facebook.....
  235. Burning Question ~ The One That Got Away......
  236. And just when you thought reality shows couldn't get any dumber, introducing "Dating Naked"
  237. Signs She's A Keeper
  238. Should She Have Done A Background Check?
  239. When You’re In A Good Relationship, You Learn These 10 Things
  240. What He Said
  241. Wife Zone. A Chart...
  242. Why Are You Single?
  243. Ladies...Would you?
  244. How Long Has It Been Between Relationships?
  245. Have you ever loved someone and never told them?
  246. If You’re Not In A Relationship, He Doesn’t Owe You A “Break-Up”
  247. Sprung: What Made You Know?
  248. Do You Tell Her?
  249. What's Your Dating Style?
  250. Domestic Violence Is On The Forefront Now....